Beware of cheap cases

In anticipation of receiving my Raspberry PI imminently; I decided to purchase a case. I had a quick look on the web and chose a rather slick looking one on eBay. I received it today and eagerly unwrapped it only to discover…complete disappointment. The case appears to have been made in someone’s shed; using a sheet of plastic and a soldering iron. The quality of the case was shocking. The sides were coming apart and the plastic had clearly been over-melted in parts. An enthusiastic GCSE design & technology student could probably have had more success.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for home brew cases, but not when people are charging over £20 for a bodged job on eBay. Had I made it myself, I may well have lived with it.

My advice to my Pi pals is to shop around and be careful of what you buy.