ETA 3 Weeks!!!

Finally had my confirmation email today that I could proceed and order the PI. ETA is 3 weeks. Total cost including delivery £30.87.

RS also let you pay via Paypal, should you wish (Nice touch RS)

Keep checking the blog as an unbox video will be posted as soon as it arrives.


2 responses to “ETA 3 Weeks!!!

  1. I am extremely interested in how you’re going to manage doing this. Raspberry Pi runs on an ARM chip and there is no port of iTunes to run on Linux (which can be worked around); but more importantly is that iTunes isn’t compiled for ARM architecture. How are you going to bypass this? Or do you know of a way to activate home sharing sans iTunes? I’d like to know as I’ve been wondering about building a small home sharing box myself. I don’t like my iMac running 24/7, but I love having access to my thousands of songs and hundreds of movies.

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