Apple & Raspberry – Two of my 5 a day

Welcome to the Project Raspberry Pi blog.

I have started this blog to see if it would be possible to overcome a problem I have found. Basically I want to create a very low-cost PC that can be used to run Apple iTunes that would save me having to run a MAC or PC 24/7. I run an Apple TV & Buffalo NAS unit, however, it is not possible to use “HomeSharing” with out iTunes running on my Mac. I want to create a low power, low-cost device that can run iTunes to be able to stream content to my Apple TV.

I have chosen to use the “Raspberry Pi” credit card sized PC for this, as it seems to initially tick most of the boxes I need.

At this stage I’m not even sure if it is possible to create such a device, but this blog is going to track my progress. Watch this space…


4 responses to “Apple & Raspberry – Two of my 5 a day

  1. Looking forward to your progress, i am sure there are many people out there who would it fior this usage exactly. I want to be abke to run a low power device and connect up to an amplifier. Control can then be done via the iPhone application.

    Cannot wait to get hold of one of these Pi’s and start to investigate the possibility

  2. I think you’ll be better off installing XBMC on your AppleTV and then hooking into shares on your NAS. That’s what I do and it runs like a champ.

  3. I am following your progress with interest, as I will most likely get a Raspberry Pi for the exactly same purpose. The most viable server software seems to be forked-daapd, although if I understood correct it can be not set up to do “Home sharing” but only “Music sharing” (, meaning that one can not download music from the share in iTunes.

    Keep up doing the good work — remember to document what you did in order to have a working setup

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