Testing, testing…

Just received the following email from RS Components. I’m sure your all still chomping at the bit to get hold of yours.

Welcome to the latest Raspberry Pi update from RS Components!

Much has been happening behind the scenes since you received our last update, not least the start of compliance testing on the Raspberry Pi.

Why are we doing this? Compliance testing is an essential part of bringing any electronic product to market. The Raspberry Pi is being tested to make sure it conforms to all the regulations that apply to electronic devices around the world. This means that we can be sure the Raspberry Pi we deliver to you meets the correct standards and is as safe as you would expect any electronic device you purchase to be.

We’re working with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to manage the testing process as quickly as possible, while ensuring all tests are carried out to guarantee safety. More information is being posted on the Raspberry Pi website , as well as on our own FAQ pages rswww.com or DesignSpark. We’re also regularly tweeting updates on progress. Follow @RSElectronics on twitter to catch the latest news.

Alongside this, we’ve also been contacting the first group of people who registered for a Raspberry Pi from RS, to help us plan delivery of the initial batch of boards. In next week’s update, we’ll provide more information on how we’re managing the queue and the order process.

RS Components

RS Components Update

Hello to all our Raspberry Pi followers – UPDATE ALERT!

Firstly, we are very grateful for all the patience you have shown as we deal with the tremendous interest in the Raspberry Pi – it has been phenomenal and it is fantastic that there is so much enthusiasm for it out there.

We know how keen you all are to get your hands on the product and get programming, however Raspberry Pi has made us aware of a ‘manufacturing hiccup’ with the initial batch that came to light following additional testing. Fortunately the problem is only minor and Raspberry Pi is working to correct it. A full explanation can be found on the Raspberry Pi website We’re continuing to work closely with the Raspberry Pi foundation to minimise any delay in getting the Raspberry Pi to you and hope that you will bear with us a little longer. We’ll keep updating our FAQs to give you information as we receive it.

A lot of you have also asked about how we are managing our queue, and when you’ll be invited to place your order for a Raspberry Pi. We’re going to be receiving the boards in batches, so as we receive confirmation that the batches are ready, we’ll be inviting people in on a first-come, first served basis, from time of original registration, to place orders on our new Raspberry Pi online store. The invitations will be sent to groups that match the number of boards we have available, to ensure that if you place an order, we’re able to take it and tell you when we can ship your Raspberry Pi.

Thanks again for your patience, and we’ll be in touch again next week for a further update.

RS Components Ltd