Here at last! – Watch the unbox

My Raspberry Pi at last hit the door mat this morning. With the help of my glamorous  assistant we have produced this YouTube video to show whats in the box from RS components.


Raspberry Pi Unbox Video


Watch this space for further updates.


Beware of cheap cases

In anticipation of receiving my Raspberry PI imminently; I decided to purchase a case. I had a quick look on the web and chose a rather slick looking one on eBay. I received it today and eagerly unwrapped it only to discover…complete disappointment. The case appears to have been made in someone’s shed; using a sheet of plastic and a soldering iron. The quality of the case was shocking. The sides were coming apart and the plastic had clearly been over-melted in parts. An enthusiastic GCSE design & technology student could probably have had more success.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for home brew cases, but not when people are charging over £20 for a bodged job on eBay. Had I made it myself, I may well have lived with it.

My advice to my Pi pals is to shop around and be careful of what you buy.




ETA 3 Weeks!!!

Finally had my confirmation email today that I could proceed and order the PI. ETA is 3 weeks. Total cost including delivery £30.87.

RS also let you pay via Paypal, should you wish (Nice touch RS)

Keep checking the blog as an unbox video will be posted as soon as it arrives.

Update from RS Components

Welcome to the latest Raspberry Pi update from RS 
Great progress this week on moving towards deliveries and mass production…

  • Together with the Raspberry Pi Foundation we’ve successfully completed compliance testing and certification work for CE, FCC and C-Tick.
  • This means we are now starting to ship our share of the first 2000 boards that arrived in the UK last week.
  • We have opened our dedicated Raspberry Pi Store to those lucky people who were first in the registration queue to place their orders.
  • Now that the Raspberry Pi boards are compliance certified we have triggered our manufacturing processes to move into volume production.
  • As new batches of Pi’s become available over the coming weeks we’ll be inviting the next in-line into the Raspberry Pi Store to place their orders.
  • The next batch is already in production so we’re expecting more deliveries shortly and we’ll continue to keep you updated via our regular email and online FAQs.

And while we’ve been compliance-testing the boards, a number of engineers have been road-testing the product! You can see some first reviews of the Raspberry Pi at including Raspberry Pi and Custard. As the anticipation continues to build, our Pi Perspectives are getting lots of attention too – these are the views and opinions of leading academics and scientists across industry and education.

With any luck, by the time you read your next weekly update, the first Raspberry Pi’s will be out in the world. Thanks for your continued patience and please rest assured that your Pi will be on its way as soon as we can bake it!

RS Components